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Support Services

Find out what we offer to support our community and you!

Community Support Hub

Predominantly our hub is run as peer support but we may collaborate with professional organisations that are also there to support.


Individual Chapters CIC

Check out our sister not-for-profit organisation next door: Individual Chapters CIC
Individual Chapters is a collective of experienced directors who have not only held roles within local authorities but also have personal lived experiences of domestic abuse, violence, rape, human trafficking, hate crimes, and anti-social behaviour. This unique combination of professional expertise and personal understanding enables us to provide a holistic approach to supporting victims and survivors. 

Break the silence

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End the Violence

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Together we say NO.

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Supporting survivors

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Hot desking

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Community Projects

Check out what we're running and what we have done previously. Please don't hesitate to get involved!

The Birthday Box Project

Our mission is to grant children in need the opportunity to enjoy a birthday celebration. We will deliver a birthday-in-a-box, complete with, decorations and a gift - so all children, regardless of their families' financial status, have the chance to enjoy their special day.

Every year, as we watch our children's faces light up as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake, we know they will remember that moment forever and look forward to next year with the same anticipation an excitement. Having a birthday celebration, blowing out candles on a cake and opening a gift, seems very routine to many of us, but sadly, there are many children who never experience that joy. The Birthday Box gives struggling families the opportunity to give their child a birthday party that would not otherwise be possible. This program is a great way to teach our children about those less fortunate who live right in their own community.

Would you like to take part in preparing a gift box for a child in need in your community? Please get in contact.


EQuIP is a charity promoting equality and inclusion across Warwickshire. They are here to provide support, advice and training on a huge range of issues relating to discrimination, equality and community cohesion.

They work alongside local groups, businesses and organisations, helping to build understanding and cohesion throughout our community through individual support and advice, group learning and tailored training courses.

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Santas Guardians Project

Every year we collect toys and gifts to give to children on Christmas Day who may otherwise be forgotten, through no fault of their own.

Dec 2021 we gave 186 children lots of wonderful gifts on Christmas Eve.

Nominations must be from recognised agencies or Local Authorities to ensure the gifts get to those who need it most.

Please get in touch if you would like to donate or make a referral.

Our mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in our communities, who are affected by poverty, illness, neglect or have additional needs. We believe all children should be able to express their individuality, achieve their potential and live life to the fullest.


Building Bridges Project

Working in partnership with local authorities and organisations, bringing communities together:

Warwickshire Police


Caring Together Warwickshire come in the first Wednesday of every month to offer an advice support drop-in at The Makery 11-1 pm.

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Well in Winter Warm Hub

Our Winter Warm Hub is a sanctuary of comfort and support during the winter months. The hub provides warmth, nourishment, and a gathering place for individuals seeking respite from the cold. It's a place where community members can find solace, share stories, and access resources to stay cozy and connected during the chilly season. Whether it's a steaming cup of hot coffee, a friendly conversation, or access to winter essentials, our Hub symbolizes a haven of care and compassion for all who seek shelter from the winter's chill, breaking isolation and loneliness and improving mental health and well-being.

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Rosa - Support & Empower

Offer a weekly drop-in service between 12-2 pm every Thursday at The Makery. Supporting survivors of rape or sexual abuse to rebuild their lives.

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