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Work Experience

We offer work experience in a retail, hospitality and community environment in which participants can gain employability skills and improve their CVs.

We are supporting young people, especially vulnerable young people, in our community into work, empowering them to gain valuable employability skills, work experience and reach their full potential.

The Makery has been running since July 1st 2022 and since that time the participants who have undertaken work experience with us have gained great knowledge, practical experience and connected with the local community.

Our staff are passionate about supporting young people in gaining valuable skills.

This is an exciting opportunity for young people to develop their confidence, develop their employability skills, learn about the working world and the local community and make valuable friendships. Building relationships with a fundamental belief in equality, trust and respect.

Are you a local organisation or school that would like to discuss work experience opportunities then please get in touch with Sioux Watkins (CEO) at:

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